EverEarth Name Train Letters



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The EverEarth Name Train makes a gorgeous gift for any newborn or toddler.  It can begin as piece of decor in the nursery, progress to a pull along toy, and later become an introduction to letter and name recognition.

Important notes:

Each Middle and End Carriage holds one letter.

To make up a name train, you will need to separately add to the cart a Name Train Engine (Pink or Green), and sufficient Middle and End Carriages to hold enough letters to make up the desired name.  You will also need to select the number of letters required, and add the name in the comments section of the cart.

For example, for the name "Grace", please select an Engine, 4 Middle Carriage, 1 End Carriage and 5 letters, then specify GRACE is the comments section.

Don't worry, if we have any hesitations about what you ha