Mehano Experimental Cube Rules of Nature

Experimental Cube Rules of Nature



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A hands on science kit by Mehano that provides simple explanations of natural events.

Contains 30 components and stimulating coloured instructions with 25 illustrated experiments.

Conduct experiments and discover facts about:

  • Air pressure
  • Sunlight
  • The seasons
  • Measuring time
  • Weather
  • and more!

Experiments include: Air power on the paper surface, Barometer, Capillarity in nature, Cherries into the vacuum, Cherry into distilled water, CO2 and the plants, Days and Year seasons, Deep freezing of fresh and salty water, Fog, Ice strength, Linen drying, Liquid condensation, Magic Glass, Make the wind rose, Make your own fountain, Make your own stalactite, Peas into the plaster, Plants' capillarity, Puddle evaporation, Rain Gauge, Space shadows, Subaqueous volcano, Sundial, Sunlight, Weigh the air, Where does the air move?, Wind strength.

Recommended for ages:  6 years +