Hape Quadrilla Marble Run - Vertigo



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The Vertigo is a dizzying, daring, lightning-fast Quadrilla marble run that includes three twisting funnels, precision crafted birch rails, a see saw and accelerators that allow kids to design whirlwind marble racetracks

Contents (134 pieces) includes:

  • 24 x coloured blocks
  • 20 x height adjusters
  • 6 x base rings
  • 23 x connectors
  • 3 twisting funnels
  • 4 short and 3 long straight pieces
  • 1 tilt
  • 50 marbles and 1 cloth storage bag

Quadrilla by Hape is a system of blocks and tracks that allows the energy of a rolling marble to travel along a 'make your own path'. Beautiful wood tracks and colourful blocks, each with a different function, are the starting point for endless contraptions. Children can be encouraged to draw plans for their constructions, adjusting them as they find systems that work better along the way. 

Ages: 4+

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