KAPLA Book & Colours Light Blue/Dark Blue

KAPLA Book & Colours Light Blue/Dark Blue



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KAPLA is a wooden construction game, made up of small identically sized wooden blocks.  The unique size of the blocks, which are in the ratio of 1:3:15, makes them ideal for building many different creations.

KAPLA Book & Colours features 40 planks in two complimentary colours along with a unique art book.  Differing from the four KAPLA art books which are sold separately, the art book in each 'Book and Colours' set complements the colour theme of its box (there is a different book for each colour set).  The creations in each book are designed to inspire a range of abilities and age groups.

The Book & Colour sets are available in Red/Orange, Light Blue/Dark Blue, Green/Yellow.

They make a lovely addition to a set of natural planks, or a wonderful introduction to KAPLA.