Mr Playwood Snail

Mr Playwood Snail



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Wind the assembled Mr Playwood Snail and his head will pop out of his shell.  Place a coin and he will retrieve it and take it down into his belly for safe keeping.


  • 83 parts to assemble
  • Instruction book
  • Elastic yarn
  • Acrylic for clear side of snail
  • Wax
  • Wooden axles

Assembled Dimensions:  

  • 200 х 170 х 195 mm

Recommended for ages: 14 years +

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About Mr Playwood

Mr Playwood is a young and innovative brand from Ukraine which creates educational, eco-friendly and fun Self Assembly Mechanical Model Kits.  Each Mr Playwood model has its own magical story, and its own unique set of moving parts.

The models are assembled by carefully slotting the pieces together, following the detailed instructions.  No glue is required.

The Team behind Mr Playwood’s original Models include designers, engineers and educators who are dedicated to creating compelling, innovative, scientifically accurate challenges.

Mr Playwood kits blend science, design, and technology in the real world and engage all family members. 

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