Date added: 28/05/2019 Nature Weaving

Today for story time craft, we did some nature weaving.  To prepare this, I cut some rectangles from cardboard boxes, painted some of them with graduating colours, then popped four elastic bands on each.  The children chose leaves and seedpods from a big selection, then weaved these underneath the elastic bands.  The nature weaving cards are perfect to take on a walk, and can be used for colour matching activities too.

Nature Weaving Card Nature Weaving Finished



Date added: 21/05/2019 Colour changing chameleons

Today we made colour changing chameleons from paper plates!  To prepare, we drew a chameleon on one paper plate, and cut out a section of the body (leaving the detailed sections of the face, legs and tail intact).  

During the activity, we invited the children to colour in the other paper plate, then we placed the chameleon plate on top, joined at the centre with a split pin, which meant we could spin the bottom plate to create a colour changing chameleon!

Colour changing chameleon