Little Belle

The Little Belle story

Little Belle creates quality children’s lighting for little hearts and homes. With hand-painted brush strokes + shimmers of gold and splashes of bright colour, they create UNIQUE designs that turn into treasures.

Based in Auckland New Zealand, Laura Burbery designed the Little Belle range of nightlights in 2014. Inspired by the imagination of her young children, these are true original designs that foster children’s imaginations and sooth little ones into a magical night’s sleep all over the world. 

They use century old hand crafting techniques and make their lights in small batch runs to ensure the quality and integrity of each piece. They work with small, ethical makers who share their values.

Little Belle lights are safety tested to meet children’s lighting standards in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe.

The lights are a true keepsake and are as much a pleasure to give as they are to receive.

Little Belle nightlights are patent and design protected.