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Djeco Little Action


The animals are ready to play!  A game of actions for little ones.


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It’s party time in the jungle!  Build a pyramid, play skittles, throw and catch!  Take up these and many more little challenges to win medals.

A first action game to get the young members of the family to handle objects and develop their fine motor skills.  For 2-4 players with an average game time of 10 minutes.

Inside the box:

  • 6 soft plastic animals
  • 20 action cards
  • 12 tokens

How to play:

  • Players taken turns turning over a card from the pile to discover an action to try.
  • The player attempts to complete the action.  All the actions involve one or more of the animals.
  • If the player succeeds in completing the action, they are awarded a medal.
  • The winner is the player who collects the most medals once they have all been distributed.

And of course, this can be played as a cooperative game or an activity.

Suitable from 2 1/2 years


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