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Planet Finska have proudly created a traditional hookey set that will last for years and years.  This is a full sized board crafted from hardwood and beautifully finished in high gloss varnish.  It comes with 13 hooks and 6 silicon rings in traditional red or black.

A hookey board permanently in place will bring years of adhoc fun for all.  You’ll be surprised what the kids and their friends will spontaneously do when a hookey board is just hanging there waiting to be played!  But don’t think hookey is just for kids….kids of the grown up variety find this iconic Australian game hard to resist too!

Standard rules are a race to a hundred and one (great for the kids’ maths) but variations like “round the clock” and “hookey cricket” are also classic variations of this versatile family game.

Hookey by Planet Finska comes packaged with rule card, 340mm x 20mm hardwood board, 13 hooks and six 70mm silicon rings in red or black.


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