Tepee by Rainbows and Clover

Tepee by Rainbows and Clover



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Rainbows and Clover Tepees are such a versatile addition to any little one's play space.  Inside they create a quiet hideaway or reading space, or form the basis for fantastic imaginary play!  Outside at home they can be used in the garden, patio or deck, and with their own little bag and easy pack away system, they are great to take to the beach or park.

The doors velcro together so little one's can tuck themselves away inside to read or play, or the door flaps can be folded or tied back for easy access and involvement with outside-teepee activities.

The poles are exposed out the bottom of the teepee, to keep the teepee cleaner for longer, so that you can bury the teepee poles into the sand to ensure it doesn't blow away, to give superior ventilation and finally, for easy use at the beach.

The window ensures a fantastic light breeze or ventilation, and also provides a great opportunity for peekaboo games or puppet shows.


To make your tepee unique, combine it with felt ball garlands or bunting that match your room theme or child's personality!


When assembled, the tepee is approximately 1.5m tall, 1.53m wide and 1.34m deep.

Each tepee comes complete with:

  • 1 x carry bag with strap for easy carting off to the beach or park
  • 1 x 100% cotton cover, machine washable, natural colour, light and breathable fabric, perfect for the Australian climate. The cover has a tie at the top, to ensure tepee cover stays perfectly in place and can be adjusted.
  • 5x wooden poles
  • 5x wooden beads which slot between each pole at the top, to ensure perfect spacing
  • Instructions to help you put your teepee together