Wishbone Original 2 in 1 Bike

Wishbone Bike Original (2 in 1)



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The Wishbone Bike is the ultimate in versatility.  

As a 2 in 1 balance bike, the Wishbone Bike is lightweight, super well made and has a superior height range.  Starting on its lowest height setting, little ones can get on this bike from an early age.  As they grow, you can adjust the seat up, and then when your little one is ready, you can flip the frame to make it higher again.  

Small or large.  You choose.  For kids up to 5 years.

And add in a Wishbone Trike Kit and you can get your little one on here even earlier!  With the extra stability of two wheels at the back and on it's lowest height setting, this bike can be used from 12 months, helping babies to walk and then ride when they are ready.

The details:

  • Made from sustainably-harvested birch and eucalyptus wood, non-toxic glues and finishes, and recycled packaging.
  • The unique "wishbone" frame can be flipped, and with an adjustable seat height of 28-46cm/11-18 inches, Wishbone Bike is one smallest and the tallest balance bikes on the market - all in one!
  • Converts to a 3 in 1 with the addition of a Wishbone Trike Kit (sold separately).
  • Described as best-in-category, Wishbone Bike exceeds European, US and Australian toy safety standards.
  • Suitable from approx 18months-5years


  • Built for the outdoors, remember to store indoors.

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