Wishbone Wagon

Wishbone Wagon



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Adventure awaits with the Wishbone Wagon!  It's a wagon, a foot-to-floor car and a go-cart... all-in-one!

Made from birch plywood, wishbone wagon is built to last and perfect for group play. Super-stable design, air-filled tyres.

Three handle positions:

  1. 1. pull & steer from the front
  2. 2. push from the back
  3. 3. stow for downhill action!

With stowable steering wheel that actually steers, and hinged hatch door for foot-to-floor fun.

Dual side mount handbrake for lefties or righties.

Wishbone Wagon is another 3in1 classic designed by Wishbone Design Studio in New Zealand .

For ages 12 months+. Max 50kg.


Built for the outdoors, remember to store indoors.

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