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Zategy is a fast, fun tile game suitable for the entire family. 

The goal is simple:  lay 4 squares of your colour in a row while preventing your opponent(s) getting their 4 squares in a row before you. 

A white square starts the gameplay and each player also gets a white tile to use once and strategically, as a blocking tile as an extra move after their turn.  Take turns placing your tiles, but keep watch on what your opponents are planning!

Fantastic for building strategic thinking and observation skills.

Contents:  80 coloured squares (20 of each colour), 8 white squares, instruction booklet

2 - 4 players

Recommended for ages 7+ (but we think younger kids 5+ love this too)

Tip: Not only does Zategy make a great game, the tiles are also wonderful for creating mosaics and using as maths counting blocks.